Kristian Villadsen – GEHL ARCHITECTS


Kristian Villadsen – GEHL ARCHITECTS


Kristian Villadsen leads urban strategies, masterplans, concept design and landscape projects, with a focus on inviting for sustainable behavior -“Reducing Co2 per person in everyday life is as important as reducing Co2 per m2”. He’s role spans from partaking in the political discussions which helps define city and project visions, to steering the process of identifying the strategies needed to implement. Kristian successfully uses a Intergrated Design Process, based on best practice projects, evidense, knowledge and data to secure the alignement between vision and implementation . He works in both Europe, North America and Asia.

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Urban sustainable behaviour

How can we create cities and neighbourhoods that invites for everyday sustainable use?

Through introduction of Gehl’s approach to working with cities and illustrated with projects spanning from large scale urban strategies in major cities like Shanghai, to rethinking the process around how we plan new neighbourhoods in Europe, Kristian will reflect on the importance of understanding the link between life, sustainability and cities.