Maria Papafigou – OOAK ARCHITECTS


Maria Papafigou – OOAK ARCHITECTS


Maria Papafigou is an architect and a founding partner of the Stockholm- and Athens-based office OOAK- One Of a Kind Architects. Ooak architects is a Greek-Swedish office founded on a new collaboration between paan architects (Maria Papafigou and Johan Annerhed) and architect Marie Kojzar. Small in size, the office works with projects of different scales in a broad variety of environments around the globe, sensitively approaching each project in the context of its own conditions and needs. Maria studied architecture in Sweden, Barcelona, and Athens and did her postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy of Arts in Sweden. For the past seven years, she has held the position of lecturer at the School of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH), where she also co-leads a design studio in year 3 within the Bachelor of Architecture program.



In an era when architectural images travel around the globe quickly, serving as inspiration for architects and clients everywhere, we are intrigued by an architecture that seeks to challenge and balance global and local attributes. We will talk about architecture that aims to adapt to the unique characteristics of its context and program and present a series of the office’s one-of-a-kind projects, each of which has its own distinct identity and physical locus and takes an active part in forming the identity of its surroundings.