Spiros Pengas – CEO, WISE RAM S.A.


Spiros Pengas – CEO, WISE RAM S.A.


Spiros Pengas was born in Thessaloniki. He served as a Deputy Mayor in Thessaloniki from 2011 -2019. During his term, he managed to reverse Thessaloniki’s cultural profile from an introvert and ethnocentric into a cosmopolitan, multicultural and open to the world city. He co-organised international events such as the ‘15th Biennale of Young Artists of the Mediterranean Countries’, the ‘World Music Expo 2012’ and the ‘World Rowing Coastal Championship 2014’. He initiated various innovative programs, such as ‘Sleepover –Kids in the Museums’, ‘Free City Tours for the Citizens’, ‘Teenage Angst’, ‘Support Your Local Heroes’ – Festival, ‘Thessaloniki’s Food Festival’ and ‘Future Library’, a joint venture with Stavros Niarxos Foundation renovating and renewing four Kids’ Libraries in Thessaloniki. He is the instigator of ‘Cities’ Diplomacy’, an awarded by ‘Greek Hospitality Awards 2016’ project, and various ‘spin offs’, ideas and projects.

He has been founding member and board member of the Convention Bureau of Thessaloniki (TCB). He also served as Deputy President of the ‘Thessaloniki Tourism Organization’, President and CEO of the ‘Metropolitan Development Agency of Thessaloniki SA and as member of the board of the ‘Thessaloniki International Expo SA’ and the ‘Thessaloniki Film Festival’.

In 2019, he gave birth to Wise Ram, a company which promotes tourism and hospitality growth. He has been cooperating and advising municipalities and regions, organizations and companies on matters of tourism development.